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In addition to a 70 year friendship with the Schiff family, my family have been using these fine knives for approximately 40 years, and we proudly supply these products to cooking enthusiasts everywhere, including  professional chefs, culinary schools, students and home kitchens.  We ship everywhere and would be happy to do the same for you.

A Little History:
For those who know and have experience with Ludwig Schiff Cutlery,  the products are regarded with the highest of quality, recognized at the same level as Henckels and Wusthof.

Manufactured in Solingen Germany by craftsmen in the old world tradition, the blades consist of the finest grade of high carbon stainless steel, forged and ground to a fine finish in its entirety by hand, as it has been done for generations. This old style process results in a blade that holds its edge extraordinarily well and resharpens easily.  Additionally, the knives are specifically designed for proper weight and balance.

The newer POM handles are made of a material virtually impervious to moisture and food acids, and is dishwasher safe (although not recommended).  They are secured with 3 nickel silver rivets.  These handles are quite popular, however, we still offer hardwood handles on several of our products.

We invite you to click onto the product categories you are interested in.  The products we offer include:

Chefs knives, santuko knife,  paring knives, boning knives, steak knives, fillet knives, bread knives, serrated offset knives, utility knives, carving knives and carving sets, slicing knives, butcher knives, cimeter knives, granton edge knives, carving and chefs forks, knife sharpeners, sharpening steels, diamond steels, sharpening stones, zesters, channel knives, clam knife, shears, knife cases, student and chef knife sets, block sets and gift box sets, and bamboo cutting boards.

If there is something you cannot find, please call or e-mail us and we will try and help!

Cleaning Care:
We suggest cleaning by hand using a mild detergent, a gentle rinsing in warm water and drying with a soft cloth.

*All items manufactured in Solingen Germany, except where noted

Warranty:  Lifetime due to manufacturers defects.  Damage due to misuse will not be honored in  guarantee.  Damage to wooden handles due to excessive soaking or dishwasher use is not covered under the guarantee.


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